M&E Accident Repair Centre was established in 2012 by Emil Butrym and Marcin Ciesielski.

Hard work and determination led us to the relocation of the business to larger premises (15.000 square feet) at the beginning of 2014. These new premises have enabled us to offer an improved quality and speed of service due to the state-of-art workshop and facilities, increasing our capabilities in the amount and type of workload undertaken.

Emil has a background in Business Studies and enjoys spending the majority of his free time with his family. Marcin specific expertise and passion is in Panel Beating and he enjoys riding his bicycle over the weekends.

Customer focus, service and retention is a key element within the M&E Accident Repair Centre business model. We have eliminated conflict, implemented new thinking processes, new technology, new rules and procedures to ensure we have a solution we know our customers and partners desire.

This can be seen in our core values and staff retention. Working in-line with manufacturer/BSI PAS 125 repair methods is our mechanism for ensuring correct repairs are adopted and used at every stage. On-going quality control is mandatory. Repairs are safe and our corporate social responsibility remains watertight, as a result of our ongoing training program within BSI PAS 125 certification, coupled with continuous investment in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our dedicated staff are here to help you in any situation