Alloy Wheel Refurbishments 
Make your alloy wheels look brand new again with our expert alloy wheel repair and refurbishments service.
The Process:
  • Identify all scratches, dents and chips that need repairing. 

  • Comprehensive rub down of the wheels.

  • Perpetration for wheels ready to be painted.

  • Wheels primed ready for top coat.

  • Wet spray paint application.

  • Two coats of clear lacquer are applied.

  • Finally the tyres are re-fitted and the wheels are put back onto your vehicle.

We offer a SMART alloy wheel refurb to repair a small area of damage to the alloy wheel. We use a wet spray paint finish and match the colour to the existing finish.

Wet Spray Paint Finish
Diamond Cut Finish

We also offer a diamond cut refurbishment at customer's own request. This method uses a diamond cut lathe which removes a micro section of the metal to give the classic diamond cut wheel finish.